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  • We are a school made up of a team of like- minds whose primary focus is basically to stimulate  and educate the minds of children  from Ages 0-11years in a safe and secure learning environment to produce success
  • We address the needs  of every learner, teaching their minds and heart.
  • We collaborate with families to produce outstanding results

We are inline with the 21 century 4 C’s for effective teaching which includes

Critical Thinking

We critically think positively  and deliberate on  matters  that affect our school


We are creatively minded in all areas of learning


We collaborate with our learners and parents alike to achieve success


Our   communication drives us to our peak to effectively give our learners the best amongst the rest

“Our great school is geared to encourage standards,”

communication is key

What we Believe

making a start

  • Children are the focus of what we do
  • Every learner is important to us irrespective of their pace of learning
  • Every learner is important to us irrespective of their pace of learning.
  • All children have an innate capacity to learn.
  • Diversity enriches the human experience.
  • Integrity,  respect  and open communication promotes trusting relationship.
  • We must value parents and seek collaborative partnerships with them to improve our effectiveness.
  • It is necessary to support, encourage and provide continuous professional development  for our employees through training.
  • A safe and secure learning environment supports success.

Vision Statement

To produce outstanding learners for holistic excellence

Mission Statement

To provide support for every learner, creating a solid and confident foundation for success.

Our Core Values

 God-fearing  Integrity  Nurturing  Discipline  Excellence +Efficient
Condusive Enviroment

We will be there every step of the way